Professional fabrication and installation of Granite and Quartz Countertops in Topeka and Manhattan, Kansas.

  • Alaska White
  • Delicatus White
  • Morning Mist
  • White Ice
  • Jaguar Delicatus
  • Blizzard

~ Alaska White ~

Alaska White, from our Argento Collection, is a

stunning combination of gray, black and touches of

mocha brown design on an icy white background.

Alaska White_1





~ Delicatus White ~

With depth and drama, Delicatus White is a classic favorite.

Primarily white, gray and black with random chunks

of taupe, the design is striking and elegant.

Delicatus White_1 copy

~ Morning Mist ~

The consistent swirls and flecks of silvery gray and jet black combined

with the speckles of plum create an elegant option in our Primo Collection.

Morning mist_1 copy

~ White Ice ~

From our Classico Collection, White Ice is a dramatic flow of

steel gray, bright to creamy white with flecks of deep black.

white ice_1 copy

~ Jaguar Delicatus ~

Bold and striking, Jaguar Delicatus is a high contrast exotic stone

of rich gold tones with bright white and deep black.

Jaguar Delicatus_1 copy

~ Blizzard ~

The subtle variation of cool tones offers a less dramatic mood

on this simple but elegant design in our Classico Collection.

blizzard_1 copy